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About Jason


Jason Lansing is an accomplished film industry professional with an impressive track record of success. Hailing from Palm Springs and raised in OC, Jason now resides in the entertainment capital of the world: LA.

Jason's early career included acting roles in popular television shows such as Smart House, Freaks and Geeks, Malcolm in the Middle, and Boston Public. Building upon this foundation, he pursued higher education and graduated from Chapman University with a BA in Film and TV. He also secured an esteemed internship with the Academy of TV Arts and Sciences, further honing his skills and expanding his network.

As a result of his hard work and dedication, Jason went on to produce and edit the Emmy Award-winning documentary series True Life for MTV. He later worked as a development producer/editor for FremantleMedia and the BBC, directing and editing commercials for major brands, and even traveled to Japan to produce and edit two docuseries for the Okinawa Tourism Board.

At Fullscreen Media from 2015 to 2020, Jason was the lead editor and director of branded content for an impressive roster of clients that included Mattel, Tide, Marriott, AT&T, Gillette, Old Spice, HP, Kohls, Revlon, Toyota, Ikea, and Vick's. Then, at from 2020 to 2023, Jason continued to raise the bar as the lead editor on content for Joe Biden's presidential campaign and four popular shows for Snapchat with millions of subscribers.

Today, Jason continues to freelance from Playa Vista, where he sits on the Master HOA Board of Directors. He thrives on collaborating with exceptional creative teams, providing top-notch service with a smile, and exceeding his clients' expectations. Jason's technical prowess includes expertise in Adobe Creative Suite, Avid Media Composer, and Final Cut Pro, among others.

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"The way a person does one thing is the way they do everything."

Old Zen Buddhist proverb

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