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About Jason


From the serene landscapes of Palm Springs to the suburban vibes of OC, Jason Lansing has steadily carved a niche for himself in the bustling epicenter of film and television: Los Angeles. With a career trajectory that's both impressive and diverse, Lansing's contributions to the industry are undeniable.


In his early days, Lansing showcased his acting talent in TV favorites like "Smart House" and "Freaks and Geeks." But his aspirations didn't end with on-screen roles. A BA in Film and TV from Chapman University and a pivotal internship at the Academy of TV Arts and Sciences set the stage for his behind-the-scenes impact.


MTV's "True Life" flourished under Lansing's direction, earning Emmy accolades and audience acclaim. His expertise then transitioned to global media stalwarts, the BBC and FremantleMedia, where he played a key role as a development producer and editor, shaping content that resonated with audiences worldwide.


Lansing's versatility shone through when he stepped into the world of advertising, directing and editing commercials that seamlessly blended storytelling with brand messaging.


At Fullscreen Media, between 2015 and 2020, Lansing's influence was palpable. He oversaw content for a range of high-profile clients, ensuring each project bore the hallmark of quality. His tenure at, from 2020 to 2023, further solidified his reputation, with standout contributions to Joe Biden's presidential campaign and engaging Snapchat shows.


In 2023, Lansing expanded his repertoire, bringing his editorial finesse to Nickelodeon (2023 Emmy, Editing for a Multiple Camera Live Action Program), Apple Fitness+, and Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé. His commitment to community and leadership is further highlighted by his role on the Board of Directors for Playa Vista's Master HOA.


Now, adding another feather to his cap, Lansing has recently served as the lead editor for the fashion show extravaganza, "The House unveils its newest Tiffany High Jewelry collection, Blue Book 2024: Tiffany Céleste," held at the prestigious Beverly Estate in Los Angeles. This latest achievement underscores Lansing's continued pursuit of excellence and his seamless blend of technical prowess with creative vision.

Photo of Jason Lansing

"The way a person does one thing is the way they do everything."

Old Zen Buddhist proverb

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